In The Treasury Of Your Experience

  1. Fun to drive to the sounds of your favorite tunes. However, just a day before the traffic light, turn, please, listen to music and do not squeak if the brake pads during braking cannot be heard if any change in the noise of the wheels? You can include a tape recorder again. However, along the road in front of a wall of concrete blocks. Once again, turn off the music and listen to your car. Noise of them will bounce off the walls, and you it will be perfectly audible through the open window, listen, if there is noise in this something unusual?
  2. You have power windows. Excellent. Never help the electric motor to cope with their responsibilities; at least, the plastic gears in the gearbox will be whole window.
  3. In your car due to the nature of our roads are no longer operate normally shock absorbers, which, incidentally, serve only to damp vibrations of the body. Of course, you can continue to drive, despite the constant swinging of the car on the road. The machine with virtually “no holds the road”, but it becomes very noticeable and dangerous only after 100 km / h, as well … because you can ride and not more than 80 km / h, bearing in mind of course, that the braking distance of the car with bad shock absorbers increases because reduced traction. In The Treasury Of Your Experience
  4. Make a second ignition key. Just in case. In addition, fix it on the car from the outside; with a wire or screw attach it inside a bumper or mudguard. The idea in fact is that even if you were in shorts, you should still be able to go to his car. Moreover, when the client shuts the door, leaving the key in the lock of ignition, more than enough.
  5. When you leave your car on a wonderful night, it does not matter, in the parking lot or in a garage, or place it on a manual brake. After all, per night, anything can happen, for example, frost hit and in the morning, the car will have to pluck the frozen blocks. On the other hand, the next day you do for some reason do not come for the car. It seems to be small things, but unpleasant. Leave the car in gear or in the “P” in “automatic”.
  6. If you are using a cigarette lighter, lit a cigarette, do not insert the cigarette lighter back into the socket directly: its spiral were tobacco crumbs. Knock them a bit of an ashtray and a spiral cleared. Otherwise, you are just a month to coach as much ash into the cigarette lighter socket, it will stop working.

Watch this video for more tips in comfort and safe driving:

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