Tips For Winter Driving Beginners

In wintertime, driving cars become more responsible, and winter does not begin on December 1, and the first ice. Hurry, inability and negligence while driving leads to tragic consequences. That is why many novice drivers refuse to drive on winter car transplanting on public transport. However, it will not add to the experience, as it should be dialed. Well, by the way, to learn in driving school is in winter that the instructor explains what is what. If not, you can separately hire a trainer, you can take courses counter emergency movement, and it will always be a plus.

In this article, we offer again to discuss the features of winter driving. Maybe someone does seem odd, but this information will never be superfluous especially for beginners. Sometimes in winter it meets the road, which at first glance seems to be smooth and clean, and in fact may have areas covered with ice and not very noticeably. So be sure to winter in all weathers, even dry, it is important to observe the smoothness. Tips For Winter Driving Beginners safety on the road

Therefore, we list the highlights of winter driving:

  • Basic principles of safe winter driving – is distancing and safe speed. Winter safety distance must be twice as much as in dry summer weather. Secure car speed – that the speed at which the driver will be able to cope in an emergency, taking into account that the braking distance in winter can reach 8 seconds;
  • Begin to slow down in advance, it allows you to keep a safe distance from the car ahead located. Do not press strongly on the brake pedal, otherwise the car will bring. During prolonged braking, should switch to a lower gear, but it is still a bit of braking to slow down (short press) to drivers who are behind you, see that you brake;
  • Check the brakes on a safe site (landfill). Modern brake systems can stabilize and facilitate the process, and may worsen, and make your car uncontrolled;
  • In winter time the driver and the pedestrian worse notice each other, which is very dangerous. Firstly, a pedestrian dressed in winter is very warm and because of this, he hears worse, especially when wearing a hood, and because of the volume of outerwear becomes unwieldy. Secondly, a driver in the fog, in the snow or just in gloomy weather, it will be difficult to consider the pedestrian, and with a sharp break, application machine will begin to carry. Only one way out – pedestrians not to cross the road in the wrong place, and the drivers are not exaggerate the speed in areas where pedestrians and especially a lot of them like to cross the road in the wrong place. The driver should keep in mind that if something happens, it will suffer the punishment he;

Check this video for more tips in winter driving for beginners:

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