Dangerous Factors For Drivers – You Should Know That.

1. Reduction of concentration

There some Dangerous Factors for driver in summer. Starting with the first one – when the air temperature to 25 degrees, the driver can control the way well for 4-5 hours. However, at temperatures above 30 degrees people get tired already for 1.5-2 hours. This happens because the heat metabolism slows down, and danger signals in the brain, dulled. This reduces the reaction.


Drink tablet glycine (an amino acid, activates the brain) before a long journey. Even if you have a good car air conditioning, makes a stop every half-hour or two (the body reacts not only on the temperature in the car, but also on the street). As soon began to tire, with the power press the point midway between the eyebrows and massage a couple of minutes, it will give energy.

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2. Dangerous Factors – Dehydration

In the heat and stuffiness, we can lose up to half a liter of sweat per hour. If not make the moisture can begin hypoxia, anoxia i.e. muscle and brain. It also leads to a decrease in responsiveness. There may still be micro- spasms muscles of hands and feet, that driving is extremely dangerous.


Before the road, drink tomato juice, at the expense of potassium, he will support the water-salt balance. Do not eat in front of expensive sweets – sugar increases sweating. Moreover, fatty foods – it slows down the metabolism. Take in a spray booth with mineral water and spray the face and neck every 15-20 minutes. In addition, of course, do not forget to grab the road bottle of drinking water or juice.

3. The blinding sun

Many accidents occur in the summer because the driver could not see a flying machine forward due to hitting the eyes to sunlight.


It is ideally to leave early in the morning or after sunset. However, if you have to hurry, when the sun is at its zenith, get special sunglasses for drivers with glare or smoked glass and always keep them in the car.

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  • Parking your car, try as much as possible of course, leave it to some shady place, away from sunlight.
  • Constantly ventilate the vehicle interior, or at least at the slightest possibility of a (short stop, parking, etc.). This procedure will facilitate the further you travel.
  • Keep in the car supply of water, because the summer heat drinking plenty of water will help you to feel yourself alive.
  • Do not forget a first aid kit are supplemented with a variety of medications that can help you if you feel unwell during the hot days.
  • What about stopping, you should specify that the rate should be reduced gradually, because when braking, when the asphalt is very hot, the machine may simply lead.
  • Try to keep your distance to other cars is also not to drive. On the road, you are not alone; it can be bad for both you and other drivers, which means the situation on the road can be anything, anytime.

That’s all with the Dangerous Factors for drivers, good luck on the road!

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