What “Speed Bump” Is And How To Move It?

Increasingly on the roads of our country can be found artificial barriers that limit vehicle speed. This so-called “speed bumps”. They are intended to ensure that drivers approaching the most probable place of the sudden appearance of pedestrians, the speed dropped. Sets the speed limiters are usually near schools, playgrounds, stadiums, pedestrian crossings, at the entrance to the parking places and other places.

“Speed ​​bumps” can be found on the steep turns, and in areas with an increased risk of an accident. They are made such speed limiters of metal structures, as well as specially rounded hills of asphalt. In Russia, the “speed bumps” must meet certain requirements.

Requirements for “speed bump”

Sizes installed speed limiters are dependent on the specific speed limit on this stretch of road. The standard provides the size of “policeman”, as well as the application of markings on it and installing warning signs. In addition, these guides should be installed only in areas with artificial lighting and arranged with drainage of the carriageway. Standard for the installation of “speed bump” And now look at how the right to move through the “speed bump”. How To Protect Your Car And Property From Theft

The rules of travel “speed bump”

Many drivers make mistakes when driving over speed limiters. They press on the brake, being on the “police.” Such actions may damage the front suspension of your car. Not recommended to slow down at the “speed bumps». Start braking is necessary in advance, trying to pick up a travel speed over the obstacle. Pass “speed bump” should be in the following order:

  • slowly, braking, drive up to the “police”;
  • once felt hitting an obstacle, we add a little gas.

This maneuver will allow itself to smooth roughness, and you can easily drive through the obstacle.

“Bumps” And finally – advice from seasoned. If you are late notice “speed bump” in any case, do not brake on it. If possible, it is better to sharply push the brake before entering the unevenness. If you do not have time to slow down, that in this situation a little better, add gas.

Such advice can be useful you not only when driving, “police” and other irregularities, frequently occurring on our roads.

Watch this video to find out more about what speed bump is:

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