Roof Rack – Types And Methods Of Attachment

Passenger car, as a rule, has a built-in trunk, but its roominess is not always enough to carry the bulk of luggage.

Quite difficult to transport in the boot of a stationary long goods (pipes, plants, and rail) as well as specific items, such as skis, bicycles and other sports equipment.

If, however, it is a long auto travel the whole family, be sure to take care of the transport of a large number of things.

In this case, the vehicle roof rack for a better solution compared to the trailer, which is much more expensive and considerably reduces the speed and maneuverability of the vehicle. da3075

For transportation of bulky cargo on the roof of the trunk cannot do without: it allows you to securely fix the items, and greatly facilitates the life of the vehicle owner. Gone are the days when the roof carriers was an ugly wire basket and spoil the appearance of the car.

To date, the racks have a pleasant appearance and a variety of ways fasteners. You can buy them in the ES-AUTO specialty store.

Types Boot

There are several types of trunks:

Carrier open are the most common. They have a few modifications. Roof platform, in fact, universal and helps to carry long items or furniture, trunk-cart for transportation of bulk cargo that simply are not logged into the machine. The main disadvantages of these trunks is the lack of aerodynamics and the vulnerability of cargo from the effects of the environment, but on the size of the load restrictions is not here.

Roof box is reliable: a luggage compartment can even be connected to a common car alarm. Made boxes made of plastic and carbon fiber have different dimensions and a reliable lock, protect the cargo from rain, snow, wind. The main drawback of this boot are exactly its size: the size of the load will be limited dimensions of the luggage compartment. 241795_2104770021135_1302030019_32581090_189540_o

Racks for special purposes have wide popularity: they are used for the carriage of sports equipment, as well as loved by travelers. Representatives categories are racks with mountings for motorcycles and bicycles and various boats.

Set on the car trunk of any type can be every car owner: this is possible thanks to the variety of options trunk mount represented in the ES-AUTO shop.

There is mounting on the gutter and the doorway, can be installed on a special boot or roof rails bar – if the attachment being complete with luggage do not suit you, you can always acquire the necessary in the mentioned specialty store, collaborating with leading manufacturers.

Watch this inspirational video of how to build DIY roof rack for 13$:

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