How To Protect Your Car And Property From Theft?

Certainly, many of us still remember the adventures of “bags thieves”. I do not have time car owner, and “blink” as remained without documents and money. Fraudsters distract the driver’s attention and stealing from cars bags, cases.

Since then, like, all car owners have realized that to leave your stuff in the back seat of the car cannot be that, before you leave the car, you must take them with you, that, coming out of the car, even for a few minutes, it is necessary to remove the key from the ignition.

Still … Cases of theft of vehicles and personal belongings are not stopped. Thieves invent ever more sophisticated ways to lure the drivers of the cars and take possession of their property. How To Protect Your Car And Property From Theft

To lure you out of the car and take away your property, thieves resorting to various tricks. This may be an iron rod inserted into the rear wheel or a nail planted under the bus, or just a passerby who is interested in how to get to the next street, or specifically the customized accident. All this is aimed at the fact that you came out of the car, left it, and are in it unattended. As long as you are good with what happened or tell “passerby” as it get to the next street, your vehicle “pure” thief.

Most thieves use the so-called “jammers” that prevent the automatic closing of the car door with remote control, or open the car with the help of alarm scanners. Often, these devices are used in public places, markets, shopping centers. Thieves use the fact that there are many people and they can act without attracting much attention.

So, how do you keep your car and your belongings against theft? Follow a few simple rules, and they will help you to protect your car and personal belongings from thieves.

  1. Never leave the key in the ignition, even if you leave for a few minutes (for example, at a gas station). Thief enough for 5-10 seconds to open the door and pick up your handbag, briefcase or other belongings.
  2. Do not leave in a closed car, even your belongings (bags, phones, navigators, etc.). Do not push to steal!
  3. After closing the car with the remote control not too lazy to check if the doors closed.
  4. Before you get into the car pass him around and check if there are any near or under the wheels of foreign objects: nails, iron rods, plastic bags. It takes a little time, but you can be sure that your car is all right.
  5. When you are in a car, always lock the door locks.

Be careful and take care of your car and your property!

Watch this video to find more tips in how to protect your car and property from theft:

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