How to Make an Ideal Automobile Body Paint Color Match

To ensure an ideal automobile body paint color match, there arу many key actions that has got to be undertaken. Though commonest automobile colors can seldom match precisely, finding the most effective shade may assist you avoid mixing into associate degree adjacent panel. Select the correct color at the primary time of asking, and you may conjointly save cash on your paint and expendable prices.

Every mass-manufactured vehicle has a private code that may be cross-referenced by associate degree machine body paint offer look, and this enables a mix formula to be made. The blending formula measures the individual weights of colored tinters and once these are combined and stirred along, the right color match is achieved.

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To find your code, check the door apertures, engine bay or trunk of your vehicle and find the relevant stamp, badge or sticker. Usually, the color code is going to be clearly marked and can comprises a mixture of letters and numbers. Write down the color code and take it to your paint offer look, ANd it’ll be matched up to supply an correct color match.

Prior to painting, it’s invariably well to complete a paint spraying check card. Activate a tiny low amount of paint and pour it into a HVLP applier. Apply 3 even coats of color to the check card, permitting a five-minute flash-off time between every one. Once the bottom color has dried to a matte end, apply 2 full coats of clear lacquer and leave to dry.

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Once the check card is touch-dry, hold it against your vehicle adjacent to the panel that’s being painted. If the check card matches the present machine body paint on your vehicle just right, there’ll be no ought to mix the panels on either facet of the repair. If the color match is in any approach inaccurate, it’s well to rub the adjacent panels with a soft sanding pad and flatting paste. This can give a superbly keyed surface which will settle for homogenized color and clear coat.

When you come back to color the vehicle, use a similar spraying distances as those applied throughout the check card procedure. Thus you’ll het the ideal automobile body paint color match. If totally different spraying distances are used, the bottom color will lighten or darken. A superior mix are often achieved if the machine body panels are coated with a transparent binder before work begins. This method permits seamless integration of your new automobile body paint into the present panels while not the chance of color edges showing.

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