Guid to Design And Wheels Car

Once upon a time there were no cars gearbox, in which a change applied to the wheels of the efforts, was due to the huge capacity of the engine. There are special vehicles without suspension: its role – to prevent and extinguish the body movements – perform wheels with very low pressure. There are cars with electric motors and in the wheels. They lack the propeller shaft and the main transmission mechanism, as well as the differential gear. One can imagine the car even without their own source of energy. Buy modern tire and wheel assembly on the site of OptDiskTorg for almost all brands of cars.

However, even such a car there – experimental HF Mobile I.Babata design. High-voltage current feeding motors HF-mobile, acted on the radio from the paved road along the underground cable. Only two elements without which the car-not a car – is the engine and the wheel. Many parameters and quality of the car depend on the wheel, such as smooth, move the motion, stable ride, better throughput, dynamic performance and fuel consumption. Guid to Design And Wheels Car

In constructing the vehicle body, taking into account the dimensions of the wheel, substantially covers the wheel volume. Most importantly, you need to complete the body was convenient for passengers, and had a streamlined shape. Streamlining the vehicle is associated with dynamism on the roads. With good aerodynamics of the body, at high speeds, air resistance was minimal, and as if a stream of air, holding back the car when cornering. Few stories and find ourselves on the path of the wheel.

When for the first time in the cars we used wooden wheels, and they were drawn into the iron rim. The wheel was developed and reached stamped from steel, sticking ribs for strength, as well as the holes to have a lightweight. Gradually, with the wheel, began to develop energy sources, began to increase high-speed data engine (speed), the cars began to make lower, the road began to improve here and the suspension does not go unnoticed, we began to make her independent, and all this has led to that the diameter of the wheels began to decrease significantly.

In some designs, the rim is fixed directly to the brake drum, thereby improving the cooling due to open side. Recently there have been cast from light metal and plastic wheels. Wheel shape changes also depend on the tires. If your car install the hard tires, then when our roads to achieve the smooth progress very difficult.

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