Funny Road Laws – Read And Split Your Sides!

In many countries of the world remain Funny Road Laws that raise a smile even on the lips of the judges at the time of the court hearing and sentencing. Although human nature boundless imagination, often not just a normal person, but a madman would not come to mind to violate some car laws passed more than half a century ago in various states.

Most curious of cases registered in the US legislation, which is characteristic for each state separately. Here follows the funniest American automobile laws:

On the territory of the State of Tennis Car Law acted for many years, forbidding a woman to continue driving if the front of her car would not run a man wielding box red to warn of possible danger of all other road users.

In sunny California law prohibits automobile to exceed the speed of 100 km / h cars without a driver and car wash second-hand underwear.

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Curious road laws prohibit the sale of Indiana on Sunday car and driver man can draw under the rape if he was carrying a passenger under the age of 17 years, which does not wear socks or stockings.

Very funny car laws of Pennsylvania provided by the legislation. The driver, who saw in the way a herd of horses, have to stop, cover his car with a blanket or cover. If the horse still would not cross the road, the owner is obliged to dismantle their cars for parts and hide them in the bushes situated on the side of the road.

Car Washington State laws require a potential criminal who enters any city in the car, immediately call the police and report the intention to commit a crime.

Funny road laws are in other countries

Therefore, the London taxi driver has the right to relieve himself or herself on the rear wheel of a car, if he keeps his right hand on the same wheel.

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Auto German laws prohibit drivers of cars do stop on motorways, even if the fuel in the tank is finished.

In South Korea, a police road service is required at the end of a working day to report to his superiors about the amount of bribes received during the day.

In Thailand, road laws prohibit drivers driving a car with a naked torso and in Israel require a driver’s license, even cyclists.
So, let’s wind up with all those Funny Road Laws!

That is so funny laws actually exist in the world! I hope you had a good laugh with us from the heart!

Good luck on the road!

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