The First Flying Car In The World Terrafugia TF-X

The American company Terrafugia is going to create the world’s first flying car TF-X in 2018. Already tested in a wind tunnel at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Developers expect to create a car for the use of which will be sufficient to enter the cockpit and tell your computer to the destination address. This car can be parked on a parking lot or in the garage.

Flying car will have retractable wings, the engine capacity of 500 hp and a top speed – 322 km / h. Estimated range – more than 800 kilometers. The cabin can fit four people, including the driver of the pilot.

When driving on the ground, as well as during takeoff thrust will provide the necessary electric motors powered by batteries. During the flight, in the case enters the internal combustion engine rated at 300 horsepower, resulting in rotation pusher propeller ducted installed in the rear of the machine. ICE can also be used to generate energy to recharge the batteries. The First Flying Car In The World

All mechanical Terrafugia TF-X controls are electronic replacements. At the same time, according to the company, control a flying machine would be no more difficult than conventional car. At the same time to learn to fly on it takes just five hours.
Founded in 2006, the MIT company Terrafugia, a couple of years ago, was famous for having created the Transition aircraft that can travel through the streets of cities and even to park in a spacious home garage. A new development from this same American firm continues this trend, only Terrafugia TF-X – is even more compact and low-maintenance hybrid vehicle.

TF-X combines the car and the plane, and is equipped with a hybrid power plant, has two types of engines: the internal combustion engine and electric motor.

Through the first of these engines (as well as two screws vertically exposed), Terrafugia TF-X will be able to start the air, thanks to the second (and horizontal turbine) – to move directly at altitude.

The great advantage of future Terrafugia TF-X, compared with existing aircraft, the Transition car, is that he does not need a runway, just a bit of space around. Flying car from Terrafugia could be on sale no later than 2025.

Watch this video review of flying car Terrafugia TF-X:

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