Driving In The Rain – Be Cautious!

Driving in the rain is much more difficult than in good, dry weather. Wet and slippery coating, misting the windows is not very good visibility because of the density of water flows; all this creates unfavorable conditions for driving. That is no reason not to get behind the wheel as we drive in all weather conditions.

Start of rain is most unfortunate period, since at that time the worst grip tire tread and the road surface. All dust and dirt soaked with water turns into a very slippery liquid consistency, which acts as a lubricant, and denies contact with the road car. About five minutes after the rain, you have to be very careful and cautious. Sometime later, the rain-wash away all the dirt from the road, and therefore adhesion to the road surface is normalized to a level that is characteristic of the wet web.

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Driving under the Doge on the site, which coated with a thin layer of rain, increasing the number of dangerous drifts, sliding, slipping, which can happen if you drive at high speed (greater than 70km / h).

Riding in the rain is necessary to steadily and smoothly, eliminating all sharp acceleration and braking. The speed must be safe to allow the driver to monitor the situation on the road.

Remember that the braking distance on wet surfaces is increased by several times, respectively, the distance from the vehicle in front, too, should be more.

Braking on wet roads should not be very sharply, and immediately squeeze the pedal is not completely necessary, you can slow down a little, small intermittent braking, thus mimicking the anti-lock braking system.

Deep puddles should be carefully go around, so watch the car in front of riding, which they perform maneuvers circling, memorize and drive through them as well. If no such vehicle ahead, behind, which can be repeated, then examine yourself very carefully deep puddles. To start think about their characteristics and capabilities of the vehicle, such as the location of the air intake, clearance, and then take whatever decision. To go further, or should look for another way to achieve the goal.

If you still have a need to go driving in the rain, then follow these guidelines:

  1. Need to go, slowly, without unnecessary maneuvers, i.e., without sudden braking and acceleration;
  2. It is necessary to cross the puddle directly, without any maneuvers;
  3. It is necessary to firmly hold the steering wheel with both hands; it is still unknown what kind of surprise could be waiting for you at the bottom;
  4. Before you enter the pool to include the lowest gear that will allow you to drive an unsafe area;
  5. Skip the Circle and all those who you can fill with water;

If you are unable to get out of the puddle, it is best not to try to start the engine and turn the starter at the same time. It is better to ask for the help of friends who will help you to get out of the puddle and get to the service station to dry the car. It will be much cheaper than panicking because you are stuck in a puddle break many things yet.
That’s it as for driving in the rain, take care!

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