Choice Of Child Car Seats – Important Issue

His beloved children to be transported in special child seats. This rule must know and follow it every parent, because of this chair depends on the safety of your child. Child seats save little children not only in the event of an accident, and in the case of sudden braking, if the child is in this situation in the hands of the mother, it can fly out of the hands and crashing into the windshield. So, Choice Of Child Car Seats is vital.

Data of the World Organization argued that the use of a child seat reduces the mortality of children under 1 year by as much as 70%, and children aged 1 to 4 years 54%. This is a very strong performance, so parents should be right after the birth of a child to think about buying a child car seat.

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Now the market is very wide range of child seats of different price range and design. How to choose a baby seat? When you select it important to follow a few rules:

  • Car seat should approach your car;
  • Car seat must fit your child;
  • Car seat should please parents and the child, and be easy to use;

Choice Of Child Car Seats – A suitable car seat for your child

We must be guided by this rule, since it is due to the physiological development of the child.

The child, unlike the adult rapidly changing structure of the skeleton, the proportions of his body weight and height. Accordingly, depending on how your child is changing should lured and means to protect it by making a right Choice Of Child Car Seats.

Manufacturers of car seats for children are divided into five groups weight. For each group of manufacturers produce car seats with their design features, such as:

  1.  The group of zero, i.e., from birth to 10 kg. This cradle is the same as in a wheelchair; you can use the stroller bassinet. In a cradle the child transported, lying down, it can be installed across the car in the back seat and fixed by regular seat belts. This cradle provides a lower degree of protection, and children grow out of it quickly, so the great demand for seats group 0+.
  2. Group 0+ as well as the first birth but up to 13 kg. These car seats child transported, reclining, and there is a special tab for newborns. The car seat is installed in the course of movement, in order that there was no “nod” when braking. Typically, these seats are also equipped with comfortable handles, in order to make it convenient to carry in them the baby. Therefore, these car seats are called carrying. In these child seats in addition tacked internal straps and clips on the very seat belts or staff with a special base-base, which is attached through the Isofix.
  3. A group of one to four years old, the child’s weight from 9 to 18 kg. These car seats child transported already facing forwards. I wear your baby in car seats with the help of internal safety belts or table.
  4. The group of 3 to 7 years, the child’s weight from 15 to 25 kilograms. Even with the weight of the child is not sufficient simply to fasten the inner straps; seat has also tacked on regular belts.
  5. The Group also from 3 to 7 years, but the child’s weight from 22 kg to 36 kg. Such seats on the market there are very few, because the market there were more universal car seat. However, the peculiarity of this group is that the child has already tacked conventional three-point belt.
  6. A group of 6 to 12 years of the child’s weight and from 22 to 36 kilograms. Such chair without a back already, so-called boosters. They are used when a child is already high, but they are not very popular, because they do not provide lateral protection.

The car seat should be like and the child and parents and should be easy to use.

However, it seems that this rule is not very important, it is not. The chair should be comfortable, it should be convenient to use in any travel. If the chair will be difficult to use and not easy baby, it does not provide adequate security.
So, now ou know how to make the right Choice Of Child Car Seats!

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