Chevrolet Volt 2016 – Improvements On All Fronts

Did you know that Chevy designed the first-gen Volt as the perfect combination of an Electronic Vehicle and a good-old gas-powered car? It was capable of going 35 miles straight on electricity only and then automatically switching to the gasoline engine. That was really an ideal mix and gave drivers the ultimate experience: you could still ride around your block/hood/city like and EV, running on that electric juice, and still have the full gas tank to back you up whenever you run out of EV might. The concept hit the bull’s eye, even though it had some flaws and drawbacks. And the fully redesigned Chevrolet Volt 2016 is the real deal, ladies and gentlemen, with little to no weak side and a pretty sleek design to go along with the impressive performance. The team behind the model did a tremendous job and made the already-great Volt one of the best offers on the market, or even a segment-leader, if you ask the fans. It really is that good, so, you might want to learn more about it. Chevrolet Volt 2016 Improvements On All Fronts

Chevrolet Volt 2016 – Improvements On All Fronts

The new body structure, design and styling give the EV/hybrid/gas-powered car a nice modern touch, with the front and the rear making it look like a smooth and sexy compact sedan, without any signs of it being a hybrid vehicle or whatever: it’s a walking-talking beautiful car, but with an impressive system under that hood. Mechanically speaking, the Chevrolet Volt 2016 is a champ. The improved plug-in hybrid powertrain provides 53 full miles of electric-only range, which is a 25% boost as compared to the previous edition. In case you were wondering, that’s more than enough to do your daily runs to the school, to the mall and to work and back without even touching that tank full of gasoline. The majority of American citizens rarely go beyond their usual routes, so, in the long run this could potentially save you a lot of that gas money (even though fuel is super-cheap these days). Chevrolet Volt 2016 Improvements On All Fronts

A 1.5-lit Gas-Powered Engine & An 8-Inch Touchscreen

And when you do happen to drive on and require that good-old traditional powertrain to kick in, the brand-new, nice and quiet 1.5-lit engine returns 42 miles per gallon in combined driving, which, again, is a 13% boost. Speaking of brand-new and exciting stuff in the Chevrolet Volt 2016, I have to mention the retuned suspension that allows for better control and overall smoother, more enjoyable ride quality, and the new dashboard controls, which are a welcoming switch for the cool-looking but not-so-friendly knobs and buttons from the old days. Next, you’ve got a beautiful 8-inch touchscreen with the CarPlay interface integration. Furthermore, there’s a third seat in the back row, and even though it’s not that spacious, it can still be useful, allowing you to take in as much as 5 passengers.

Looking For A Solid Alternative

However, if the small dimensions are a turn-off for you, there are a few options on the market to consider: first of all, take a look at the latest Ford Fusion Energi sedan and the Ford C-MAX Energi hatchback, they’re both solid picks and will offer you enough interior space to go around; on the other hand, they can’t boast a strong battery pack and can travel on electricity only for 20 miles. The redesigned Prius plug-in from Toyota might also be worth your while. They say the new edition will be quite impressive in terms of all-electric travels, but there’s no official info for now. If you’re looking for something European, German, say, check out the BMW i3. Still, with all the competitors rivaling for that #1 spot, the Chevrolet Volt 2016 is arguably the best offer in the segment, because you’ll get a balanced car and an overall awesome ride.

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