Caring For Leather Interior Of Your Car

Caring For Leather Interior of your car is essential for every driver. It’s the issue of our comfort and of car look.
The skin inside the vehicle is of several types:

  • Leather;
  • Artificial leather;
  • Suede (alcantara);
  • Vinyl;

How to take care of natural and artificial skin? There is no doubt that leather interior suggests that the car belongs to the car is not cheap. Therefore, it should be remembered that the skin should be regularly treated as such and for your hands, for example. If the skin does not care, then after a few years she will be covered with cracks and becomes unbearably creaky. The most important skin care, it is a regular clean and handle it with special tools.

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Shoe leather interior

Automobile skin can be cleaned with soapy foam or auto-chemistry. Using soap to clean the skin better, removes all dirt, chemicals that cannot always cope. Keep in mind that soap should be well washed off, and then treat it with air conditioning, but if this is not done, the skin can harden.

If you use automotive chemicals. It is best to put it on a small patch, follow the effect, if everything is normal, it means that your chemistry leather interior fit and can be used.

Auto chemicals can be applied directly to the skin or soft tissue, but lather is better to apply first a sponge.

Therefore, you will need to clean the interior:

  1. Clean water;
  2. The soft brush can be used toothbrush;
  3. Cotton cloth
  4. Sponge;
  5. Soap (not to spend money on automotive chemicals);
  6. Cotton buds;
  7. A vacuum cleaner;

Your car can be not only a leather seat and steering wheel and dashboard. Therefore cleaning is necessary to start from the steering wheel.

Clear the first ring – it is the most contaminated part. Therefore, for this part, you can use auto-chemistry, but first you need to test it, you can do it on a string, which is strapped leather braid. Chemicals, which is, intended not spare fabric; it should be remembered for the skin. Also, do not clean the steering wheel rim by means of a polishing effect as polished wheel can slide.

Then he should take up the cleaning of the middle of the steering wheel. The logo should be in the center of the steering well clear, as there is hammered a lot of dirt, it can be removed with a cotton sticks.

Caring For Leather Interior – Clear the dashboard

You will need a brush and cleanser. On the dashboard is deposited road dust, and if it does not clean up properly, it can become clogged in the granular surface. Torpedo can be cleaned with a brush; however, the movement should not be rude not to damage the delicate skin. To softer brush can be dipped in boiling water.

We clean leather seats

If you have a vacuum cleaner that it is better to use, carefully go over the seats. Use the plastic nozzle is necessary in order not to damage the skin. Then you can break to wash down with soapy foam or auto-chemistry, that is, those and use. Then you need to apply conditioner to the skin and interior cleaning can be considered complete.
That’s it as for Caring For Leather Interior.

See the video—>Trick to cleaning perforated leather car seats:

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