Hello! I am George Smiles – the creator of this site! I’m 36 years old and just love to write about cars. Welcome to my auto blog!


I was always interested in cars, and so I decided to open a website where I could write all that in one degree or another affected vehicles!

My craving for cars category does not disappear with years passing by, but only increases! I believe that automobiles in our lives occupy an important place, make our lives easier. However, not all so simple. There are many things about cars, about which people do not even have a clue. A lot of legal aspects is difficult for us to understand, a lot of mechanical processes in cars. Sitting behind the wheel, every driver should know At least the basic things related to cars. Due to the fact that for many years I was immersed in the theme of the car, I decided to cover all the details on my website!

My site is at your service! I hope you will find a lot of useful information for yourself! Regards, George.


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I also love kitesurfing, surfing, snoboarding.